Lever Action Rifles

Browning BL-22 .22lr Grade 1

Browning BL-22 .22lr Grade 1
BL-22. Classic, traditional lever-action rimfires.
Combine the appeal of the traditional lever-action rifle, add the quality and handling of a Browning, mix in a little bit of rimfire fun and the result is the Browning BL-22. With a forged steel receiver, short-throw lever and crisp trigger, it’s always ready to take on a walk in the woods, knock over a few tin cans or even put some dinner on the table. Unlike many 22’s, the quality of a BL-22 is evident from first glance, with beautiful fit and finish and accuracy to match. A BL-22 is certainly a rimfire rifle meant to be used and enjoyed now and for generations to come.Action
Short-throw lever-action. Lever travels through an arc of only 33° and carries the trigger with it, preventing finger pinch between lever and trigger on the upward swing.Receiver
Forged and milled steel. Grooved receiver will accept most grooved or tip-off type mounts or receiver sights.Sights
Precision, adjustable folding leaf rear sight. Raised bead front sight.Barrel
Recessed muzzle to preserve accuracy.Trigger
Clean and crisp without creep. Approximately 5 lbs. pull. Trigger is gold colored on Grade II models.

A disconnect system is designed to prevent firing until the lever and breech are fully closed and pressure is released from and reapplied to the trigger.

Designed to handle 22 caliber rimfire ammunition in any combination in the tubular magazine. Magazine capacity is 15 Long Rifle or up to 22 Short cartridges.

Stock and Forearm
Forearm and straight-grip buttstock are shaped from American walnut. Cut checkering on Grade II models.

Grade II receiver and trigger guard are engraved with tasteful scroll designs.

Locking Device
All Browning firearms are shipped with a free locking device to assist in the safe storage of firearms.


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